Hair Oil For Long and Strong Hair

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Who doesn’t care for long and solid hair? We as a whole experience hair inconvenience ones in our lifetime. Regardless of male or female, we as a whole need sound hair as solid and solid hair assumes an indispensable job as a part of our identity and makes us feel delightful and sure. At whatever point we confront any hair issues first thing that strikes a chord is hair oil for long and solid hair.

There is a not insignificant rundown of hair oils accessible in market, and that is extremely confounding, it’s extremely difficult to choose which oil to decide for your hair.

Well I have attempted such a large number of oils on my hair non worked how I would have preferred. On the off chance that you are confronting the issue of hair fall or diminishing hair ( I am certain we as a whole have confronted this issue), I think I have an ideal hail oil for long and solid hair. It’s attempted and tried.

Here I am sharing the mystery formula of my cultivator. It is a blend of 7 distinct oils. Here is the rundown of those hail oils which will give you long and solid hair.

Rundown OF OILS

Dark Seed Oil 50gm

Egg Oil 30gm

Almond Oil 50gm

Container Gourd Oil 50gm

Poppy Seed Oil 50gm

Olive Oil 50gm

Cashew Nut Oil 30gm

Instructions to PREPARE IT

It’s straightforward pour them one by one out of a jug and give it a give it a decent shake to blend them all. That is it now you an enchanted hair oil for long and solid hair.

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The most effective method to USE IT

Initial two weeks are testing yet it merits the test. Apply the hair oil appropriately on the scalp and back rub it for couple of minutes, the thought is to oil the hair roots legitimately. It doesn’t need to be excessively oil yet enough to cover all hair roots. Apply it during the evening and wash it following day with any light cleanser. Rehash it consistently for about fourteen days. In the event that you should utilize cleanser, utilize just child cleanser. You dislike the manner in which your hair cares for utilizing the cleanser however that is the test.

Following two weeks, apply the oil after the hole of multi day and cleanser, proceed for two more weeks. After this oil you hair at whatever point you have to cleanser. Keep the oil on for at any rate for a few hours, and cleanser.


This hair oil will give you long and solid hair. You will see the distinction after initial two weeks. On the off chance that you have dandruff issue, this oil will deal with that also.

This oil is attempted and tried, I have attempts numerous hair oils yet this Hair Oil is the best For Long and Strong Hair.

Do give this a shot I am certain all of you will profit by this oil like I have.

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